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As a HIT Consultant reader you’re used to receiving cutting-edge insights about the evolving world of digital health, including analysis of the potential impact of Apple’s HealthKit application.  You’re also hearing speculation about whether patient engagement — aided by digital tools — will become the blockbuster drug of the century.

Yet, as well-informed as you are, there’s still a lot of vitally important information about digital health you need to know, but few people are talking about publicly.  Despite this, the smartest and most well-informed people on the planet are actively seeking out, working to understand and practice a range of little-known, but critical trends and strategies that are contributing to their success.

We’re Enspektos, a digital health innovation consultancy. We’ve used our original research and in-depth analysis to provide high-impact digital health advisory services to some of the largest organizations in the world for nearly ten years.

We’ve put together a unique digital health course that’s packed with insights and original research. In fact, if we were to present a full-day workshop based on the content in this course we’d charge at least $35,000.

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Take our five-part course, “5 Little-Known Digital Health Trends and Strategies You Can’t Afford to Ignore,” and you’ll learn:

  • The simple equation you can use to calculate the financial impact of digital health content and technology
  • A unique strategy digital health startups and large (and small) health organizations should use if they’re interested in ensuring their digital solutions are actually used
  • Why Dr. Google’s days may be numbered and the new data-powered techniques being used to reach and persuade patients, caregivers and others

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