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Much of the content we used to publish via the Path of the Blue Eye Project focused on digital health (social media, mobile and more). While the Project is no more, we’ve expanded our efforts because while digital health is important, many people are not receiving the insights they need to excel in this fast-changing marketplace.  In fact, in a recent survey we conducted 70% of your peers said they are interested in accessing high quality, affordable and convenient digital health insights but have trouble finding them.

Powered by the leading innovation consultancy Enspektos, LLC, enmoebius bronze is a unique research and advisory service that provides digital health insights you can’t find anywhere else. health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Mayo Clinic are using enmoebius bronze’s unique blend of patent-pending technology, data and insights to excel. Watch our 4-minute video to learn why enmoebius bronze is different and how it can help you.

What People Are Saying About Our Digital Health Insights

You helped us broaden our understanding of how providers use digital media for health purposes.

I’ve found Enspektos’ data related to how healthcare providers utilize digital technologies to be very insightful. This information has helped me and my colleagues better understand the realities of digital media usage within the provider population and informed my thinking on this very important topic.

by Howard Hessel from Major Pharmaceutical Firm

Enspektos’ ongoing strategic counsel and original research have been of tremendous value.

Enspektos’ ongoing strategic counsel and original research have been of tremendous value especially during our regular training sessions with partners and colleagues focusing on how new media is being used and consumed by the general population and communities of color.

by Miguel Gomez from AIDS.gov, U.S Department of Health and Human Services