"I was skeptical about whether enmoebius bronze would offer me anything
beyond what I could find elsewhere, for free."

I consider myself well informed about the consumer health technology landscape. I founded the Health 2.0 NC Triangle chapter and have a lot of experience consulting in the health strategy, patient engagement and digital health sectors.

Frankly, when I first learned about enmoebius bronze, I had my doubts about the service. There are better known information sources that provide lots of content, for free. But, I decided to try it out, despite my doubts, figuring that I could always cancel my subscription
before the 10-day trial period expired.

Here's What I Learned About enmoebius bronze:
After trying out enmoebius bronze for a few days my doubts disappeared. When evaluating the content, I found the service's insights not only reflective of what's current in the consumer health technology space, but also focused on future trends and market forecasts. I like the fact that enmoebius bronze helps me keep a pulse on the consumer early adopters who are helping to shape the digital health future.

Overall, I find enmoebius bronze delivers great value above and beyond the monthly cost.

Also, I enjoy connecting with digital health experts on ideas for further research along with turning these custom ideas into new insights published via the platform. Enspektos, the company behind enmoebius bronze, is really focused on understanding my needs (and pain points). The firm is focused on delivering fact and data-based insights to me and others using the service.

My only quibble is that there's so much great content on enmoebius bronze that
I don't have time to dive into it all. But, I like the fact that new intelligence is delivered on a
regular basis and that I can access it 24/7.

Brent Anthony
- Principal, BDA Health Solutions

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  • enmoebius bronze's unique consumer digital health insights, powerful technological assets and unbeatable pricing make it well worth your participation and support.
    Matthew Holt
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  • "Enspektos' data may well change how [health organizations] look at their online consumer engagement strategies."
    Dan Dunlop
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  • Enspektos’ ongoing strategic counsel and original research have been of tremendous value.
    Miguel Gomez
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  • Enspektos helped us identify the realities (rather than myths) about how providers use health tech.
    Howard Hessel
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