Digital Health Maven Pro: Delivering Premium Digital Health Intelligence, Strategy, Events and More


Digital Health Maven Pro is the largely premium arm of EnspektosDigital Health Maven Project, a global initiative designed to help health executives, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and others drive innovation in health using digital and analog tools and technologies.

The platform delivers a range of premium products and services with numerous benefits, including:

  • Unique insights about the evolving digital health landscape by leveraging patent-pending technology and original research
  • Access to groundbreaking virtual and real-world events, which bring together global experts and executives to learn about the latest digital health trends and how to engage successfully with patients and other health consumers
  • The ability to extend the impact of brands and thought leadership by leveraging our technology, data and original research to deliver unique digital health insights and analysis to their stakeholders, customers and others

Products and Services That Are Part of the Digital Health Maven Pro Platform

Digital Health Maven Pro features a growing number of products and services designed to provide innovators in global health with unparalleled insights, strategic support and more, including:

  • Free – The Digital Health Innovation Acceleration Resources Portal: This complimentary mini portal brings together many of Enspektos’ most popular and high-impact free resources, including data from our ongoing State of Digital Health Innovation research initiative, complimentary online courses, publications and more. New resources are added to the portal on a regular basis and members can access them before the general public.
  • PremiumDigiHealth Informer: A unique technology that delivers daily insights about new innovations, investments and other topics via our database of millions of digital health data points
  • PremiumThe Digital Health Maven Growth System Coaching Program: A premium mini-consulting/coaching service that delivers digital health insights, guidance, education and more to health executives, medical professionals, innovators and others from around the world
  • PremiumThe Digital Health Innovation Success Masterclass: A premium online experience designed to provide those involved with the hard work of bringing digital health innovations to life with an opportunity to learn and receive insights that will amplify and accelerate their work.