Overview: Masterclass Modules and Units


This self-guided, five module masterclass is designed to provide you with unique and vital skills that will broaden your perspective, help you innovate more successfully, overcome innovation roadblocks and much more.

New modules and units will become available as you complete them. We have also developed a number of brief quizzes to help you retain what you learn.

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Module 1 Non-Obvious Innovation Lessons from Global Digital Health Trailblazers
In this module, you'll learn why seeking out non-obvious innovation lessons is vital. You will also learn new trends and analytical skills that will enable you to engage in more productive thinking and improve your ability to develop new ideas, concepts and approaches.
Unit 1 Exponential Utility and Other Trends; Innovation Case Studies
Unit 2 Understanding Outlier Innovation and Discussion
Unit 3 Reading and Learning from Non-Obvious Innovation Exercises
Module 2 Steal Like an Artist: How to Deconstruct Any Digital Health Innovation in Less Than 15 Minutes
Building powerful digital health products and services requires an understanding of how others are innovating -- and why. There is always someone using tools or techniques that can inform or improve your efforts. You'll learn a unique method that will enable you to deconstruct any digital health solution -- whether developed in-house, by competitors, clients or others -- in about 15 minutes.
Unit 1 Stealing for Good, Innovation Lessons from Composers and the Building Blocks of Digital Health
Unit 2 Deconstructing Digital Health: The Method at Work; Analysis and Discussion
Unit 3 Reading and the Deconstructing Digital Health Worksheet
Module 3 The Art of Innovation Communication: Winning Friends, Influencing People and Talking Your Way to Success
Communication is one of the most overlooked aspects of successful digital health innovations. The most compelling technology will fail if people can't understand why it matters, who it is for and why they should buy (or invest). This module focuses on specific tactics and strategies that will help you clarify your value proposition, pitch investors, convince skeptical colleagues and more (and receive worksheets that will help you practice and refine your communications skills).
Unit 1 Innovation Communication Philosophy and Strategy; Why Innovators Need Allies
Unit 2 Communicating to Win Innovation Customers; How to Speak With Relevance; Persona Development; Success Metrics
Unit 3 Putting Innovation Communication into Practice: Understanding the Success Road Map; Constructing Personas
Unit 4 Putting Innovation Communication into Practice: Winning Innovation Allies Worksheet; Communications Metrics Cheat Sheet; Reading
Module 4 Getting Unstuck: Identifying and Overcoming Innovation Roadblocks
There comes a time in every innovator's life when they're just stuck. Colleagues won't move forward with your new idea. Clients are slow to commit. The key to getting unstuck is understanding the fundamental forces that make or break digital health innovation. This session is focused on providing you with a three-part strategy you can use to understand these forces. You'll also benefit from a unique four-part decision support tool that will help you assess, understand and overcome innovation obstacles.
Unit 1 A Three-Part Strategy for Understanding and Overcoming Innovation Obstacles; The Forces Shaping Digital Health Innovation
Unit 2 Anticipating and Managing Innovation Drivers; Strategy Discussion
Unit 3 Using the Forces of Digital Health Innovation Decision Support Tool
Module 5 The "Two Cs" of Digital Health Technology Execution: Ensuring Your Products and Services Are Used and Loved
What's the unique strategy digital health leaders from companies like Walgreens are using to develop high-impact digital health technologies that are used -- and loved? Their success all comes down to paying attention to the "two Cs" and creating solutions that fit, almost invisibly, into the lives and workflows of patients, physicians and others. This session focused on the two Cs and in-depth case studies (developed with the direct input of digital health innovation leaders) that provide you with strategies and tactics you can use to boost the relevance and uptake of your innovations.
Unit 1 Two Little-Known, But Vital Trends Reshaping Digital Health; Why Technology Adoption is a Behavior Change Problem; Outlining the Embedment Strategy
Unit 2 The Importance of Context and Convergence in Digital Health Innovation; In-Depth Innovation Implementation Visual Case Studies; De-Risking Innovation; Discussion
Unit 3 De-Risking Innovation Using the "Context and Convergence" Digital Health Innovation Pathway Guide

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