Install the DigiHealth Informer:Remote Web Application


Download the DigiHealth Informer:Remote Web app via the Chrome or Firefox Web stores, or drag the link below into the bookmarks/favorites toolbar (or sidebar) of your browser.

To learn more about DigiHealth Informer remote, please click the briefcase icon at the right of the page (icon is displayed below).

Note: DigiHealth Informer:Remote is only available to individuals and teams with a DigiHealth Informer subscription.


Chrome Extension

Install the DigiHealth Informer:Remote Chrome Extension

Firefox Extension

Install the DigiHealth Informer:Remote Firefox Extension


For other browsers (IE, Safari), click and drag the link below to your bookmarks/favorites toolbar or sidebar.

Click here for directions re: how to manage bookmarks in Safari. Click here for directions re: how to manage your favorites on Microsoft Edge.
DigiHealth Informer:Remote