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enmoebius silver Gives You True Understanding of Digital Health Customers

Do We Really Know Our Customers?

Know your audience.

It’s easy to say, but hard to do.  According to a 2012 survey published by the Columbia University Center for Brand Leadership, 36% of marketers say they have plenty of data on their digital customers.  However, most don’t know what to do with it.

What’s more, Columbia University found that much of the digital information marketers are collecting is not coming from real time data sources.  We know what people are saying, but not what they’re doing.

Given this, it’s reasonable to ask if we really have a true understanding of our customers — whether they are defined as people purchasing products, donating to causes, using services or otherwise.  Unfortunately, the answer is no, for organizations in the health sector and beyond.

What can we do about this problem?  The solution lies in combining market research best practices with real world, real time customer data.

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Real World, Real Time Customer Data

enmoebius silver is a unique market research product that meets the needs of health organizations seeking real world understanding of their digital customers.  For-profits, non-profits and government agencies can use enmoebius silver to gain a full picture of:

  • The needs, wants, motivations and values of up to three key customer segments via traditional online survey research
  • How the values, perceptions and other characteristics of each customer group impacts their real world Web activities and content consumption
  • How these individuals perceive and react (e.g. shifts in intent and health behaviors) to online health content on up to four health topics
  • Optional:  Scenario plan, anticipate digital/social content impact and more with our E.A.S.E. Prediction Engine

How enmoebius silver Works

enmoebius silver is designed to serve as an alternative to traditional market research activities conducted by mid- to large sized health organizations (or mid-sized brands).  As illustrated in the diagram below (click to enlarge), enmoebius silver engagements take place in two phases:

  • Phase I: Online surveying of populations designed to reveal information about their characteristics, perceptions values and baseline behaviors
  • Phase II: Three months of passive observation designed to provide real world, real time understanding of how they find, consume and react to online content

The observational stage of research is powered by enmoebius, our patent pending digital surveillance and behavioral measurement platform.

To view sample enmoebius outputs, please see digihealth pulse, our ongoing research among active digital health consumers, here.

Is enmoebius silver for Us?

enmoebius silver is best for health organizations that:

  • Have audiences who utilize online technologies, including social media
  • Regularly commission and/or purchase market research on the attitudes, perceptions and behaviors of key customer segments
  • Wish to go beyond analysis of customer conversations taking place in social media because they do not provide information on whether this content is impacting perceptions, behaviors and attitudes — or is being consumed
  • Utilize customer research to support and inform competitive intelligence, product development and marketing communications planning/strategy

How Can We Use enmoebius silver?

Use enmoebius silver for a range of purposes, including:

  • Audience research
  • Annual brand or product planning
  • Pre-marketing communications campaign research
  • Many, many more

What Are the Deliverables?

  • Pre-Research Needs Assessment
  • Survey Development
  • Survey Deployment and Online Tracking of Customer Segments (3-Month Period)
  • Research Report and PowerPoint Summary Development
  • Delivery of Excel Chart Packs Covering Key Data from Survey and Tracking Phases (Answers to Profiling Questions, Content Awareness, Perceptions and Impact)

How Can I Get Started?

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