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    Our technology helps health industry executives understand and predict how online and social media content impacts behavior and:

    • Map the digital health future

    • Benefit from high-impact digital health data and analysis

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The Story


The bottom line: enmoebius helps you understand and predict how online and social media content influences health behavior.  We also leverage the technology to help you anticipate and map the digital health future.  Learn why we built enmoebius and watch our video to get a big picture perspective on the platform in less than 2 minutes below.

The feds made us do it.

It all started back in 2009 when we spoke at a famous public hearing held by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).*  The topic: How should the agency regulate the promotion of prescription medical products on the Web and social media?

FDA admitted it had little understanding about how the Web was impacting digital health consumers.  (These are people who regularly use the Web to seek, find and consume health content, also known as e-patients.)

A wide range of health industry stakeholders sought to enlighten the agency using data published by organizations such as the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

We took a different approach. We figured the best way to educate the FDA on this topic was to show the agency what people do when they use the Web to research health and medical information.

We recruited a small group of Web users and asked them to conduct a few searches on a common medical topic. The results of our experiment were illuminating.  Most importantly, we learned that online health seekers are:

  • Blind: Many ignore advertisements, viewing them as biased and unhelpful
  • Irritated: They want the facts about health or medicine and are irritated when complete information is not provided 
  • Impatient:  If a Website is not giving them what they want, they quickly move on

Our message to FDA: Watching health Web users can teach us a lot.  The agency should take user experience into account when developing regulatory policy.  Observing what people do, rather than relying on what they say is vital.

Enter enmoebius

Soon after speaking at the hearing (and lots of conversations) we came to a somewhat obvious conclusion: If the FDA would benefit from leveraging the power of observation, couldn’t the health industry?

That’s when we decided to eat our own dog food by building enmoebius, our patent-pending digital intelligence and behavioral measurement engine.  We use the product every day to help people understand the shape of the digital health future and understand and predict how online and social media content influences health behavior.

Pick your enmoebius flavor below and start solving your digital health intelligence challenges today.

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Watch the video below to learn more about enmoebius in less than 2 minutes.

*Enspektos spoke at the hearing under our former corporate identity, Envision Solutions.

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