For more than 15 years, we have helped innovation leaders, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and others like you excel in digital health using original research, unique technologies, non-obvious insights and more.

Click here to learn about Enspektos' Digital Health Maven Project. Launched in 2014, the goal of this initiative is to provide tools, resources and research to help executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and others innovate more successfully in digital health.



Enspektos regularly curates and publishes
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Enspektos investigates and explores the evolving digital landscape via visualization, curation, Open Research projects and events.
Read on and click the buttons below to learn about our insights work. We also offer a range of digital health market analysis through our syndicated insights and advisory service enmoebius bronze. Learn more about enmoebius bronze by clicking here.

Digital Health Illustrated


Digital Health Illustrated is a unique video blog featuring thinking, original research and more about how digital technologies are influencing health globally. Click here to learn more and watch episodes.

The Rise of Just-in-Time Health Information Systems

Are the days of Dr. Google numbered? Today, a range of digital health firms are working on ways to automatically deliver relevant, customized and personalized health content to consumers. These companies are ushering in an era where the act of using a search engine to find health content may become a quaint relic of the past. Learn about the rise of just-in-time health information systems, which promise to transform the way we find and consume health content forever.

Open Research

The centerpiece of Enspektos’ Open Research efforts is digihealth pulse, an ongoing tracking study of digital health consumers. Learn more about this study by clicking the button below. 

Information Visualization

Enspektos regularly produces infographics and other visual content focusing on digital health insights and market research data. Click the buttons below to view samples of our work.



Between early 2009 and late 2012, Enspektos curated and published over 2,500 insights focusing on digital health and other topics as part of its Path of the Blue Eye Project. This initiative was designed to provide the global health marketing communications community with opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.  The Project reached nearly 3,000 people globally via Twitter, our mobile app Amozo, e-mail and other channels.  Click the button below to view sample insights from the Project.


Via the Path of the Blue Eye Project, Enspektos regularly held events focusing on a range of topics including mobile health and innovation in health marketing communications.  The live event series was called unNiched(micro).  Click the buttons below to view featured outputs from these events.

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Research and Analysis from the Digital Health Maven Project

Launched in 2014 by Enspektos, the Digital Health Maven Project is focused on helping executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and others innovate in health successfully using digital tools and technologies via research, education, training and inspiration. Listen to research and insights from the project by clicking the links below.