How Can Enspektos' Advisory Services Benefit You?

  • Leverage Our Unique Strategic Insights to Leap Ahead

    Leverage Our Unique Strategic Insights to Leap Ahead

    We help health organizations, startups and others improve their go-to-market strategies, innovate more effectively and more.

  • Build a Solid Human and Organizational Foundation for Your Success

    Build a Solid Human and Organizational Foundation for Your Success

    We have developed a unique approach, the Digital Health Maven Growth System, to help individuals and organizations develop a solid foundation for developing, communicating, understanding and positioning health products and services using digital tools and technologies.

  • Understand the Market, Identify New Opportunities and Much More

    Understand the Market, Identify New Opportunities and Much More

    Our industry-leading digital health intelligence platform DigiHealth Informer has more than 4 million data points collected since early 2015 on key market events, trends, technologies, companies, investors and more. Work with us to utilize this powerful data set to identify new opportunities, assess the fast-moving digital health landscape and more.

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  • "Enspektos' data may well change how [health organizations] look at their online consumer engagement strategies."
    Dan Dunlop
    - Jennings Health
  • Enspektos’ ongoing strategic counsel and original research have been of tremendous value.
    Miguel Gomez
    - U.S Department of Health and Human Services
  • Enspektos helped us identify the realities (rather than myths) about how providers use health tech.
    Howard Hessel
    - Executive at Major Global Pharmaceutical Firm


Frequently Asked Questions About Enspektos' Strategy Consulting Services

  • Who Should Consider Hiring Enspektos?:  Our consulting engagements are designed for people producing health technology products and services, seeking to better understand where the evolving digital health landscape is headed, developing short- or long-term marketing strategies, shaping consumer motivations/behaviors and more.  Anyone involved in health (e.g., providers, founders, marketers, executives from pharmaceutical companies, payers, hospitals, etc.) would benefit from the service.
  • Digital Health Advisory Services Are Plentiful, What Makes Enspektos Different?:  Enspektos can provide you with strategic insights informed by years of intensive research on the digital health landscape, what makes consumers tick and work with organizations from across the health industry.
  • Can I Get to Know You Better?:  Feel free to schedule a consultation session (there’s no charge) to better understand our capabilities and whether we can help you.
  • Can I View Examples of Your Work?: Please see below for sample insights from Enspektos.

Sample Some of Enspektos' Strategic Insights

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  • Research: The State of Digital Health Innovation Study, Wave I
    (Published April 21, 2016)
  • Digital Health Innovation Acceleration Resources Portal (Many of Enspektos’ Most Popular and High-Impact Resources Are Featured in This Free Insights Library)






Work With Enspektos' Founder

Fard Johnmar, founder and president of Enspektos, is a globally respected thought leader, futurist and strategist in the digital health and technology arena. He has a deep understanding of the dynamics, scope and implications of the future digital health technology landscape, including mobile health, social media, Big Data and consumer technology trends such as wearable computing.

He also regularly produces proprietary research focusing on how consumers will use and respond to digital health technologies in the future and — more importantly — how digital content contributes to perceptual and behavioral change among patients, caregivers and others.

In addition to his work in the digital health arena, he has extensive experience in health marketing and communications, developing a range of global and domestic strategies and programs for large pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, government agencies and marketing and advertising firms. He has special expertise in cross-channel health marketing, public relations, digital marketing, social media marketing, public health communications and more.

He is also co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care, which was written with bestselling author and globally recognized digital thought leader Rohit Bhargava.

He has completed engagements with major health organizations, including Humana, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer, Novartis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Eli Lilly, EMD Serono, Inventiv Health and Shire. He has also worked extensively with startups focused on Big Data, population health, wellness and other areas.